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Reclaiming greenheart timbers from where Nelson last stepped on land

Re-purposing greenheart timber is a vital part of our business at Howard Gibbons Reclamation and in doing so we are often de-constructing structures of strategic importance. A recent project took us to Portsmouth, to an area called The Spur Redoubt which encompasses some retired military defences. Designed to withstand prolonged sieges, a series of ramparts, […]

Raise your glass to reclaimed greenheart

Stock up! Here at Howard Gibbons Reclamation we never know what the next phone call will bring our way. Our stock is constantly changing and with that regular rotation we are always pleased to welcome a diverse range of clients. Much of our longer length reclaimed timbers will be repurposed for marine or commercial construction, […]

opepe reclaimed

Rolling Stock – Repurposing Railyard Opepe

When the phone call came for us to collect some rare opepe timber from a West Country railway engineering yard we soon hot-footed it down to the site. Opepe (Nauclea diderrichii) originates from Central and Western Africa and is a tropical hardwood which is renowned for its durability. It’s not available for reclamation very often […]