Greenheart Sawing

With greenheart timber being celebrated for its strength, rigidity and durability it is also renowned for being extremely difficult to saw. Howard Gibbons Reclamation pride themselves in supplying a sawing service which they are able to carry out on or off site. Plus, with a rapid response time they are able to keep your project on track. By having a sawmill specifically designed for the bespoke milling of greenheart timber up to 22 metres (75 feet) in length there is no job too big!

Whether your project is commercial or for your home or garden Howard Gibbons Reclamation can resaw greenheart timber into any size, converting it into the correct dimensions for your particular project. Many greenheart timber beams are reclaimed from the sea and can initially look somewhat weathered which may not be to your taste! However with their custom resawing service, reclaimed does not mean second rate. Once Howard Gibbons Reclamation have sawn the outer wood away you can be gifted with the most incredible textures and rippled grain effects – you may be surprised with what can be revealed!