Greenheart Timber


If you are a civil or marine engineer who needs greenheart timber for a project then you have come to the right place. Howard Gibbons Reclamation have a large stock of reclaimed greenheart timber which can be resawn and repurposed for public and private sector work.

Since 2009, the UK government asks that all government procurement teams and their suppliers have documentary evidence to show that the timber they are using is, at a minimum, from legal and sustainable sources. One of the main targets for the EU’s Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) Action Plan is to reduce illegal logging. By using greenheart timber from Howard Gibbons Reclamation you can be rest assured that the timber you employ will be reclaimed. We can provide full traceability evidence to enable you to comply with your FSC Recycled Audit therefore providing the sustainable choice for your build project.

Howard Gibbons Reclamation has a vast stock of greenheart timber beams which can be resawn to suit your needs. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

We buy and sell greenheart timber

With direct access to the M5 we can react quickly whether buying (and removing) greenheart timber from your site or whether selling (and transporting) resawn greenheart beams to your build project.

We Buy: Give us a ring and tell us what you have and your desired timescale. We can usually conduct an initial appraisal from photos or over video call, we are also happy to carry out on-site visits.

We Sell: Always happy to discuss your needs over the phone. Tell us the desired purpose for the greenheart timber and an idea on the preferred sizing. We’ll check our stocks, assess whether the beams need to be resawn and then ask you about your timescales and budget. Howard Gibbons Reclamation pride ourselves in being able to source the right greenheart timber for you and can offer a haulage service to get the timber to you within your desired timeframe.

Why use greenheart timber?

Greenheart is well known for its durability and longevity. It is considered to be one of the best choices for marine environments, and for build projects which undergo extreme weathering. Likewise it’s strength makes greenheart timber the ideal choice when constructing bridges, piers and other weight bearing structures.

Where does greenheart come from?

Greenheart timber originates from South America. Greenheart, locally known as Bebeeru can grow to 40 metres/130 feet in height and is part of the Laurel family. All greenheart timber stocked at our yard is reclaimed. We are therefore proud to support the re-using of materials to prevent future logging and deforestation. Greenheart timber is incredibly durable and once resawn to your specifications will offer you the longevity required for any structural build.