Home and Garden 

If you are looking for a bespoke and hard-wearing feature for your home or garden then Howard Gibbons Reclamation may be able to offer the ideal solution. By reclaiming greenheart timber we repurpose characterful wood to create garden furniture, landscaping structures and features for within your home.

Using greenheart timber guarantees a finish which not only looks fantastic but is also incredibly long-lasting. All of our home and garden products are created from reclaimed greenheart timber so the wood will be textured and have a unique finish. By using greenheart timber from Howard Gibbons Reclamation you will be opting for the natural, eco-friendly choice.

Garden Structures.

It is well known that due to its durability, greenheart timber is incredibly strong and resistant to rot. By being able to withstand wear, heavy loading or weathering, greenheart timber is the supreme solution for creating structures within your garden.

Previous garden structure projects by Howard Gibbons Reclamation have included pergolas, bridges, retaining walls, garden seating and decking. Similarly, greenheart timber is also ideal for creating bespoke garden planters and raised beds. See our gallery for inspiration.

​Within your home.

We are also delighted to expand our offering of reclaimed timber products for home renovation projects. Greenheart timber, renowned for its strength and durability, is the perfect choice when restoring your home. It is available in lengths far exceeding those available in oak making it a great choice for those larger spaces within your home. Reclaimed greenheart timber can be repurposed to create characterful ceiling beams, kitchen work tops, stairs and wooden flooring. Please head to our gallery for inspiration.

Why use Greenheart Timber?

Every 1.2 seconds trees man destroys an area of forest the size of a football field. All greenheart timber used at Howard Gibbons Reclamation is reclaimed and therefore not adding to the destruction of our rainforests. As specialists in reclaiming greenheart timber we will use the wood’s unique grains and textures to create a bespoke feature for your home and garden which will last for countless years.

Do you have a project that you’d like to discuss? Contact us to chat about your idea. We have some unique greenheart timber in stock which is waiting to be repurposed for innovative garden and home projects.