Probably the largest stocks of reclaimed greenheart timber in the UK


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  • opepe reclaimed

    Rolling Stock – Repurposing Railyard Opepe

    When the phone call came for us to collect some rare opepe timber from a West Country railway engineering yard we soon hot-footed it down to the site. Opepe (Nauclea diderrichii) originates from Central and Western Africa and is a tropical hardwood which is renowned for its durability. It’s not available for reclamation very often […]

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  • You say Pergoda, I say Pergola. 

    As we happily head outside for the summer months our attention turns to our gardens and how we can maximise our time spent in the fresh air.  Typically, summers in the UK tend to throw us curve balls, we never quite know what the weather is going to bring, so invariably we tend to look […]

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  • Floorboards for a local gallery renovation

    At the moment we are faced with the challenge of converting an eclectic pile of beams into floorboards...

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