Stock up!

Here at Howard Gibbons Reclamation we never know what the next phone call will bring our way. Our stock is constantly changing and with that regular rotation we are always pleased to welcome a diverse range of clients. Much of our longer length reclaimed timbers will be repurposed for marine or commercial construction, but we do also have clients who use our reclaimed greenheart wood for other uses too…


When we reclaim greenheart from old railyards, bridges or from redundant sea defences we know that the ekki or opepe wood will still have many more years of practical purpose to come. The durability of this wood also offers our wide spectrum of eco-conscious clients a sustainable solution too. When it comes to choosing a reclaimed product which needs to be long-lasting, greenheart timber is the ideal option.

Creative World

One of our regular clients is LoVeD Glassworks based in Shoreham-by-Sea. Chris and Louise are artists who create stained glass sculptures with our reclaimed greenheart timber.  Louise says “The contrast of the rough greenheart wood with the fragility and translucence of the glass works so well together.”  The effect created by using Howard Gibbons’ reclaimed greenheart is completely unique. The textures combined with the hardness of the wood may be challenging to work with but it also means that every finished sculpture is different. Due to the success of LoVeD Glassworks, the sculptures are bought by clients in the UK and worldwide – proving the appeal of greenheart timber!

What will your next project be?

Greenheart timber can be repurposed in so many ways. Do you have a home or garden project which could benefit from using a hardwearing wood? Howard Gibbons is available by phone or email and happy to discuss your requirements.