As we happily head outside for the summer months our attention turns to our gardens and how we can maximise our time spent in the fresh air.  Typically, summers in the UK tend to throw us curve balls, we never quite know what the weather is going to bring, so invariably we tend to look for a way to prolong our evenings and weekends outside.

Enter the Pergola. 

Offering you the perfect hybrid of an open air structure with a glazed roof, our pergola allows you to enjoy the outdoors whilst being reassuringly dry if a summer shower should catch you out. Not only do Howard Gibbons Reclamation design bespoke pergolas to suit your garden style they also comply with eco-conscious credentials. The wooden structure is crafted from greenheart timber which is reclaimed and then resawn to create a completely original and durable rainforest-saving pergola for you. 

What’s the difference between a pergola and pergoda and a pagoda?!

Whilst pergolas and pergodas are both used to provide protection from the elements, pergolas offer more versatility. Pagodas are the Asian equivalent to a gazebo, both of which offer full coverage from the sun. Our innovative glazed pergola still allows the sunlight through but blocks the harsh glare whereas the roof of a pergoda is a solid structure and offers complete shade. We have opted to design pergolas so that you can still enjoy the sunshine whilst being protected from the odd drizzly shower. 

Perhaps you would like to adorn your reclaimed pergola with climbing plants such as clematis, honeysuckle or even rambling roses? Our pergolas are free-standing, made from durable greenheart timber and completely unique as we combine reclaimed wood with eye-catching 12mm laminated reclaimed glass. 

What can I use my pergola for?

Did you know that the word ‘pergola’ comes from the Latin ‘pergula’ which means projecting roof, school, lecture room or vine arbour?

The main success story of a pergola has to be its versatility. Our clients have used Howard Gibbons Reclamation glazed greenheart timber pergolas for various uses including outdoor kitchen and dining areas, seating areas, extensions to their patios and even as a car port!  Of course you could do as the Romans did and use your pergola as an outdoor school room too, making you future-proofed for any instances of home schooling or working from home.

Whatever your plan, we will happily talk through your thoughts and come up with the ideal pergola concept for your outdoor space.